Calibration of Sprayers (Also Seeders)

Published 2011

Applying the correct rate of a product is an important part of obtaining good results with both seeders and pesticide sprayers. With seeders too little seed reduces crop yields and increases weeds while too much seed increases costs and may reduce yields. With a pesticide application, too little product can mean poor control, while too much can mean crop injury, extra costs, and possible residue on teh crop and/or carryover.

Many methods can be used to calibrate sprayers, including the ounce calibration and formula-based methods. Other methods involve using formulas which need to be remembered or recorded for easy use.

The methods discussed in this NebGuide are simple relationships and do not require remembering formulas. However, you do need a general understanding of cross multiplication.

Three factors determine sprayer application rate:

Nozzle spacing
Nozzle output (determined by orifice size, pressure and density of spray solution)

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Robert N. Klein


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