Livestock Risk Protection Insurance

Published 2014

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) insurance offers single-peril price-risk protection to feeder and fed cattle producers and swine producers. Producers are able to protect against declining cattle or swine prices by purchasing an insurance product that pays livestock proders if a national or regional cash price index falls below an insured coverage price level. Essentially, a coverage price is selected by the insured, and if the cash price index is below that coverage price at the end of the policy, an indemnity equal to the difference is paid to the insured producer.

LRP is a revenue insurance program that is reinsured and subsidized by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. All owners of livestock in 37 eligible states can apply for an LRP policy with a certified crop insurance agent.

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Kathleen R. Brooks

Jay Parsons


Farm Management

Publication Date June 11, 2007
Last Revision Date August 05, 2014
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