Protecting Private Drinking Water Supplies

Published 2011

Nearly all rural families rely on groundwater from a water well for their drinking water. Safe-guarding your drinking water depends on where the well is placed on the site, how the well was constructed, how the well is maintained, the location of new wells, and managing wells no longer in use. Working with a Nebraska-licensed professional to carefully manage the drinking water well, and all other wells on the site, will help keep the groundwater that supplies your drinking water safe.

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Information about your well should have been recorded when the well was constructed. You may have a copy of this information. The licensed well driller who constructed the well also may have a copy. In addition, drinking water wells constructed after September 1993 were required to be registered with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (NDNR). If your well was constructed after that date, contact the NDNR for a copy of your well’s registration information.

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Sharon O. Skipton

Janet R. Hygnstrom

Wayne E Woldt


Natural Resources

Water Management

Publication Date March 22, 2011
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