Western Bean Cutworm in Corn and Dry Beans

Published 2010

Western bean cutworm (WBC) can be a severe pest in corn and dry beans. Larval feeding damages both crops through reduced yield and quality. In corn, direct feeding losses may be compounded by fungal and mold infections associated with larval waste products. In beans, damaged or 'worm-chewed' beans are a significant quality factor for both processed and dry bagged beans. Western bean cutworm infestations occur every year in western Nebraska. In some years, this pest is found in high numbers throughout the state.
This NebGuide covers the western bean cutworm's life cycle, history, infestations on corn, infestations on dry beans, how to scout and sample for this pest in corn and in dry beans; and management recommendations.

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Ronald C. Seymour

Gary L Hein

Robert J. Wright



Insects & Pests

Publication Date April 21, 2010
Last Revision Date April 21, 2010
Language English


Series NebGuide