Weed Targeting Herbicide Management

Published 2008
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Most producers use herbicides to manage weed infestations. Generally, herbicides are applied at a uniform rate to the entire field. however, a uniform application may not be appropriate for all areas of a field. As precision agriculture technologies have developed, site-specific management of most agricultural inputs, including herbicides, has become feasible. Differentiated application of herbicides is an effective way to minimize herbicide costs, maximize weed control and prevent unnecessary environmental waste. This circular provides basic guidance on site-specific weed management.

Main topics include:
Spatial Distribution of Weeds
Principles of Site-Specific Weed Management
Applying Precision Agriculture to Weed Management
A Practical Approach to Weed Mapping
Economic Return
Evolving Technology
Practitioner Notes

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Viacheslav I. Adamchuk

Mark L. Bernards



Crop Production/Field Crops

Publication Date September 30, 2008
Last Revision Date September 30, 2008
Language English


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