Satellite-Based Auto-Guidance

Published 2008
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Satellite-based auto-guidance represents one currently available technology that can provide significant benefits for the crop production industry in diverse growing environments. Once producers use auto-guidance equipment, they seldom want to return to conventional practices. Newer, improved versions of auto-guidance products provide better operation functionality which prevents the frustration and fears that early adopters experienced. The question "Should auto-guidance be used?" has now been replaced with the question "What auto-guidance option is best for a given operation?" Available variety of costs, guidance error levels, and other technical specifications suggests that virtually every cropping operation may be optimized if the appropriate type of satellite-based auto-guidance is implemented.

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Viacheslav I. Adamchuk



Crop Production/Field Crops

Publication Date January 10, 2008
Last Revision Date January 10, 2008
Language English


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