Nutrient Management Suggestions for Grain Sorghum

Published 2013

Grain sorghum production in Nebraska typically requires nitrogen application and may require phosphorus application. Generally, the soils of Nebraska provide sufficient potassium, sulfur, zinc and iron, but the crop may benefit from applying one or more of these nutrients, depending on the soil. Profitable response of grain sorghum to applied calcium, magnesium, boron, chlorine, copper, manganese and molybendum is highly unlikely in Nebraska.

Estimates of nitrogen needed for grain sorghum following a cereal crop are based on expected yield, the amount of residual nitrate-nitrogen, soil organic matter and grain price relative to the price of fertilizer nitrogen. Grain sorghum following alfalfa is not likely to benefit from applied nitrogen unless the alfalfa stand was poor. Equations are given for estimating nutrient application rates.

Topics covered in this publication include:
Nitrogen requirement for grain sorghum following sorghum, corn or another cereal crop; nitrogen requirement for grain sorghum following alfalfa or soybean, nitrogen adjustment for soil nitrate-nitrogen; nitrogen adjustment for soil organic matter; nitrogen adjustment for manure and other organic wastes; time and method of nitrogen application; phosphorus fertilization and application methods; potassium, sulfur, zinc and iron fertilization; starter fertilizer and row-cleaning for no-till and lime suggestions.

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Charles S. Wortmann

Achim R. Dobermann

Richard B. Ferguson

Gary W. Hergert

Charles A. Shapiro

David D. Tarkalson



Crop Production/Field Crops

Publication Date November 14, 2006
Last Revision Date January 02, 2013
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