Pea Production in the High Plains

Published 2006
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Pea (Pisum sativum) is an annual cool season grain legume or "pulse crop" used for human food, livestock feed, forage or as a green manure crop.
This publication provides High Plains producers with information for successful production of pea for grain or storage. Topics include:
Plant Description and Adaptation
Performance of Grain Pea in Feeding Rations
Seedbed Preparation and Planting
Determining Seed Size
Fertilizer Management
Weed Control
Insects (including early and late season pests)
Harvesting Grain Pea
Marketing and Economics
Factors to Consider

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James M. Krall

David D. Baltensperger

Robert M Harveson

Paul A Burgener

Gary W. Hergert

Gary L Hein

Drew J. Lyon



Crop Production/Field Crops

Publication Date May 04, 2006
Last Revision Date May 04, 2006
Language English

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