Biology and Management of Potato Insects

Published 2010
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A variety of insects can damage potatoes in Nebraska. Insects may feed directly on the tubers and damage the harvestable crop, or they may indirectly damage the crop by feeding on leaves or stems. If severe enough, indirect damage may reduce harvestable yield and quality. Insect feeding also may be important because some insects (e.g., aphids) may transmit plant diseases such as viruses when they feed, or others (e.g., psyllids) may inject toxins.

This publication includes information on pest identification, biology and management in several categories:
1) Belowground pests, including wireworms, white grubs, flea beetles and seedcorn maggots;
2) Aboveground pests, including Colorado potato beetle, cutworms, European corn borer, and other foliar pests; and 3) Piercing-sucking insects including green peach and potato aphids, potato leafhoppers, aster leafhoppers, false chinch bugs; tarnished plant bug, potato psyllid and whiteflies.

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Robert J. Wright

Gary L Hein

Wyatt Hoback

Alexander D Pavlista



Insects & Pests

Publication Date October 01, 2002
Last Revision Date October 26, 2010
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