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Published 2015
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Seeing i2i: Adventures in Diversity and Cultural Awareness is a new 4-H curriculum intended to help youth gain ‘global competence’ and ‘cultural competence’ skills needed in today’s increasingly interconnected world and culturally diverse communities. The curriculum is designed for youth ages 11-14, but can be adapted for younger and older age groups. It can be adapted for use in 4-H clubs, camps, classrooms, afterschool programs, and other youth settings.

Curriculum content centers around five areas, namely:

  • Self-reflection and exploring one’s own heritage, culture, and cultural lens
  • Gaining cultural knowledge and gaining an appreciation for increased cultural awareness
  • Culturally competent attitudes and beliefs
  • Culturally relevant skills and behaviors (e.g., empathy, perspective-taking)
  • Applying knowledge including advocating for others
The Leader's Guide contains all the information needed to conduct the activities in the Seeing i2i: Adventures in Diversity and Cultural Awareness curriculum, including activity descriptions, school standards, instructions, and other instructor resources.

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Citizenship, Leadership and Personal Development

Publication Date July 30, 2015
Last Revision Date July 30, 2015

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