Flow Control Devices for Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Published 2007

Sprinkler systems operated on undulating terrain can experience large differences in the pressure supplied to the sprinkler. Since the flow rate of each sprinkler is determined by the pressure in the pipeline, water applied by these systems can be non-uniform.

Pressure regulating devices are used to equalize the pressure supplied to individual sprinklers since uniform water application may save water and increase overall crop production. When installing a sprinkler package on a new system or replacing sprinklers on an existing system, it is important to evaluate the impact of field elevation changes on sprinkler flow rate.

Major topics include:
Do I Need Regulators?
Impact of Field Elevation Changes
How Do Regulators Work?
Flow Control Nozzles
Pressure Regulators

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William L. Kranz

Suat Irmak

Derrel L. Martin

C. Dean Yonts



Irrigation Engineering

Publication Date February 27, 2007
Last Revision Date February 27, 2007
Language English


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