Emergency Wind Erosion Control

Published 2010

Soil erosion by wind is a serious threat to growing crops, our land resource, and the air we breathe. The best solution to soil erosion is long-term planning and the use of such practices as crop cover, stripcropping, and windbreaks. However, conditions sometimes occur when serious soil erosion is imminent or has just begun, and corrective action is require to protect the soil and growing crops.

Several emergency techniques can lessen anticipated soil erosion, or slow wind erosion once started. These techniques are last resort options and should not be relied on for continued use or primary erosion control.

Emergency methods include tillage to produce ridges and clods; adding crop residue; applying livestock manure, irrigating to increase soil moisture, artificial wind barriers, and soil additives or spray-on adhesives.

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John A. Smith

Drew J. Lyon



Soil Management

Publication Date February 24, 2010
Last Revision Date February 24, 2010
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