Backyard Wildlife Bird Houses and Shelves

Published 2010

Providing bird houses and shelves can be a fun and rewarding part of a wildlife program. it doesn't matter where you live -- in an apartment, townhouse, or single family dwelling in a town, suburb, or the country -- you can attract birds by providing proper nesting structure. Birds such as Black-capped Chickadees, Purple Martins, or bluebirds are cavity nesters and can benefit from bird houses. Other birds like the American Robin and the Barn Swallow will use open nesting structures such as shelves. A well-built house or shelf that is durable, rainproof, cool and easy to clean can add to the attractiveness of your property.

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Ron J. Johnson

Mary Bomberger Brown

Jeanine L. Lackey

Mark S. Kuzila


Natural Resources

Wildlife Management

Publication Date February 15, 2010
Last Revision Date February 15, 2010
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