Bats in and Around Structures

Published 2012

Bats are gentle mammals. Thirteen species of bats occur in Nebraska. The big brown bat, red bat and little brown bat are most common in this state. A single bat is capable of consuming over 1,000 insects per night. Only a very small percentage of bats are associated with rabies and histoplasmosis; other common animals have a higher incidence of rabies. This publication covers other bat facts; their ecological and economic importance; bat signs; preventing entry; live bat trapping; individual bat removal; repellents; toxicants; and bat houses.

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Dennis M Ferraro

Lisa A. Pennisi

Scott E. Hygnstrom

Stephen M Vantassel


Natural Resources

Wildlife Management

Publication Date February 26, 2007
Last Revision Date October 24, 2012
Language English


Series NebGuide