Seasonal Market Hog Price Patterns in the Western Corn Belt Region by Weight, Type, and Location

Published 2021
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Each year, hog prices fluctuate based on changes in supply and demand in the pork complex. The purpose of this publication is to demonstrate seasonal price patterns for various types of hogs raised and marketed across the United States. Specifically, we focus on barrows and gilts and sows across different pricing mechanisms, location, and weight. The pricing mechanisms of interest for barrows and gilts are (1) negotiated carcass price; (2) other market formula carcass price; (3) swine/pork market formula carcass price; and (4) other purchase arrangement carcass price. Negotiated carcass prices are spot market prices that reflect immediate supply and demand conditions. Market formula carcass prices reflect longer-arrangements between individual producers and packers.

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Daniel Gertner

Elliott J. Dennis


Animal Agriculture


Publication Date May 31, 2021
Last Revision Date May 31, 2021

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