Selective Bird Feeding

Published 2012
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Feeding birds is a fascinating activity and a wonderful way to connect families and children with nature. Attracting songbirds, for example, allows us to watch their behavior, listen to their songs and calls, appreciate their beauty, develop observation skills, and enjoy nature in our backyards.

Unfortunately, bird feeders often attract unwanted guests that can cause a great deal of expense by consuming seed, damaging feeders, and even invading your home. This NebGuide offers practical solutions to attract the birds you want while keeping out squirrels (Figure 1), mice, rats, chipmunks, raccoons, deer, opossums, insects, and non-native and undesirable birds such as starlings, House Sparrows, and pigeons.

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Lisa A. Pennisi

Stephen M Vantassel


Natural Resources

Wildlife Management

Publication Date March 02, 2012
Last Revision Date March 02, 2012
Language English

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