Feral Cats and Their Management

Published 2010
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Feral cats are invasive and pose a threat to native fauna and public health. Using an integrated approach to control populations of feral cats is best, but determining which cats are feral and which are someone’s pet may be difficult. Developing new city ordinances and state regulations and statures regarding the legal status of cats should be a priority as current laws are vague or silent on the issue. Owners must be responsible by keeping their cats on their property and having them spayed or neutered. The supplemental feeding of feral cats should be discouraged and prohibited. Nonlethal options are important and may help limit problems associated with feral cats. Lethal methods are also important in resolving problems posed by feral cats. The public’s participation will play a pivotal role in the effective management of feral cats.

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Aaron M. Hildreth

Stephen M Vantassel

Scott E. Hygnstrom


Natural Resources

Wildlife Management

Publication Date April 12, 2010
Last Revision Date April 12, 2010
Language English

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