Economic Decision Support Tool on Best Management Practices for Erosion Control

Published 2009
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This publication includes the User's Manual and assumptions and supporting data for the software, Soil-Erosion Economic Decision Support Tool (SEE-DST) for Land Management in Nebraska. SEE-DST was developed by the U.S. Geological Service and University of Nebraska-Lincoln so farmers and crop consultants could input data specific to their conditions and assess off-target losses and water quality problems associated with various farming practices.

This manual is divided into two key sections:

1. Chpater 1 explains the technical aspects, assumptions, and supporting data used in the development of SEE-DST. While we hope this chapter is helpful to soil scientists, state and federal agencies, and other developers, an understanding of its elements is not required for use of the software.
2. Chapter 2 is a User's Manual that guides the user through each step of data input to customize the results to individual fields. It explains how to compare the calculations of reduced pollutant load and economic benefit and assess the alternative practices suggested. It also includes examples of data input and results for three farms.

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Martha Mamo

Daniel Ginting

Karina Schoengold

Charles S. Wortmann



Soil Management

Publication Date September 16, 2009
Last Revision Date September 16, 2009
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