Common Signs and Symptoms of Unhealthy Plants

Published 2014
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To become adept at observing the signs and symptoms associated with poor plant health, first become as familiar as possible with the typical appearance and performance of healthy plants. Some variations, such as leaf size, may occur with similar plants placed in different locations or microclimates. Unusual growth may indicate a problem. Common symptoms, such as wilting, leaf curling, or cupping, may be seen in a wide range of plant species, but can indicate different causal agents. Understanding signs and symptoms that are either unique or specific to particular plants will be of value in making a diagnosis and identifying a management strategy or treatment.

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Amy Timmerman

James A. Kalisch

Kevin A Korus

Stephen M Vantassel


Plant Diseases

Publication Date January 14, 2014
Last Revision Date January 14, 2014
Language English


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