Rain Garden Design Site and Selection Guide

Published 2013

Rain gardens are a functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape feature that can decrease stormwater runoff in urban areas. Constructing a rain garden in your yard can be a satisfying do-it-yourself project, but it is important to install it correctly. This interactive publication provides basic information you need before beginning construction of your rain garden. The Rain Garden Design Size Worksheet automatically calculates the area of each portion of your roof, driveway, and patio that drains to the portion of your yard where you want have a rain garden. Click on the PDF button to access the Rain Garden Design Site and Selection Guide. Clicking on the Web button opens the Design Size Worksheet.

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Thomas G. Franti

Steven N. Rodie


Publication Date May 17, 2013
Last Revision Date May 17, 2013
Language English


Series Extension Circular