Importance of Structure for Game Bird Production

Published 2012

While structure plays a role in where ring-necked pheasant and waterfowl choose to nest, there are likely numerous other factors that also drive nest site selection. However, unlike other factors, structure is one variable that landowners can actively manage with little effort, and many may already be doing so as part of their grazing plans. Landowners concerned with both wildlife and agriculture need to be aware that while commodity prices are high and demand is up, the conversion of permanent cover to cropland likely will result in lower production rates of both ring-necked pheasant and waterfowl. Furthermore, it is likely impossible to maximize both wildlife and agricultural outputs simultaneously, but tradeoffs between the two can result in suitable levels of both. Depending on the overall goals of the landowner and species of concern, management plans and targeted residual cover should shift accordingly.

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Karla H. Jenkins



Range & Forage

Publication Date May 17, 2012
Last Revision Date May 17, 2012
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