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Published 2013
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English to Spanish: A Guide for Communication in Livestock Operations contains over 250 words and phrases that will help English and Spanish speaking people who work with livestock to communicate more easily. This is a tool that farm and ranch workers, veterinarians, livestock producers, processing plant or feed company employees, and consultants will find useful.

In addition to showing the English to Spanish translation, the pronunciation of each word and phrase is provided. For example:

English phrase: Does the animal appear___?
Spanish pronunciation: Dos da AH-ni-mal a-PIR ___?
Spanish translation: El animal parece ____?
English pronunciation: el ah-ni-MAHL pah-RAY-say____?
Words needed to fill in the blank, such as to limp and sick, are provided so the sentence can be completed.

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Charles A. Shapiro

Leslie J. Johnson

John C. Fech

Paul C. Hay

Thomas L. Holman

Larry F Howard


Animal Agriculture

Animals, General

Publication Date May 17, 2012
Last Revision Date December 10, 2013
Language English


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