Managing Soapweed Yucca

Published 2011

Soapweed yucca (Yucca glauca Nutt.), hereafter referred to as yucca, is a native perennial shrub found throughout much of Nebraska and the Great Plains, including central Canada and the Txas Panhandle. Prior to European settlement, Native Americans used yucca for food, fiber, and shampoo. It is used in landscapes as an ornamental, but generally is considered a nuisance in pastures, ranges, and rights-of-way. It can reach densities of up to 2,000 plants per acre.

Soapweed yucca can infest pastures and rangeland, reducing beneficial plant populations and livestock production. Learn the history, biology, and management of this plant and its potential impact.

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Steve L. Young

Noel L. Mues

Douglas L. Anderson



Range & Forage

Publication Date May 25, 2011
Last Revision Date May 25, 2011
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