Protecting Private Drinking Water Supplies

Published 2011

Nearly all families living in rural homes rely on a septic system, residential lagoon, or other onsite wastewater treatment system to treat household wastewater and return it to the environment. Families living in some of Nebraska's small communities that are not served by a central/municipal wastewater treatment system also rely on an onsite system for household wastewater treatment and recycling. While these systems are generally safe, household wastewater contains contaminants that make this water unfit for drinking purposes. A properly designed, installed, and maintained treatment system will minimize the impact of the system on groundwater and surface water. Implementing good operation practices, and working with a Nebraska-certified professional to carefully construct or manage the onsite wastewater treatment system on the site will help keep the groundwater that supplies your drinking water safe.

Begin by completing the following assessment for your type of system.

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Sharon O. Skipton

Janet R. Hygnstrom

Wayne E Woldt


Natural Resources

Water Management

Publication Date March 23, 2011
Last Revision Date March 23, 2011
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