Principles and Operational Characteristics of Watermark Granular Matrix Sensor to Measure Soil Water Status and its Practical Applications for Irrigation Management in various Soil Textures

Published 2014
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A number of newer and cost-effective technologies/tools have been developed to measure soil water status. Deciding which technique to use depends on the purpose of the measurements, soil and crop conditions, desired accuracy, cost and other factors. This publication defines soil matric potential and describes principles and operational characteristics of one of the electrical resistance type soil moisture sensors for irrigation management. Examples show how soil matric potential can be used for irrigation management.

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Suat Irmak

Jose O Payero

Brandy VanDeWalle

Gary L. Zoubek

Jennifer M. Rees



Irrigation Engineering

Publication Date May 24, 2006
Last Revision Date April 16, 2014
Language English


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