Safe Transport, Storage and Disposal of Pesticides

Published 2019
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Most accidental pesticide poisonings occur when pesticides are mishandled. Young children are often the victims. Pesticide accidents can be prevented by careful planning, using a secure storage location, adopting safe handling methods during transport, and following proper disposal guidelines for both product and containers.

The first step in preventing accidental poisonings and environmental contamination is to use good judgment when buying pesticides.

* Buy Only the amount that can be used in a reasonable length of time.

* Don't be tempted by "sale prices."

* Buy pesticides in quantities that you will use in the near future. Some pesticides should not be stored for long periods of time, allowed to freeze or be stored in direct sunlight because they may become less effective.

Always keep pesticides in their original containers. Using any other container is illegal and could cause an accidental pesticide poisoning or harm the environment.

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Clyde L. Ogg

Janet R. Hygnstrom

Erin C. Bauer

Franklin J. Bright



Pesticides, General

Publication Date January 01, 2001
Last Revision Date October 01, 2019
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