Manure Use Plan for Nebraska

Published 2013
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Instructions for using the Manure Use Plan for Nebraska spreadsheet to estimate the nutrient value of manure and accurately credit those nutrients against the nutrient requirements of a crop. This spreadsheet can be used in creating an individual field plan for manure and fertilizer application and help maintain records required by environmental regulatory agencies.

Topics include how to use the spreadsheet to determine or record:
Potential fields for manure application;
Manure Analysis Records;
Manure Nutrient Availability Calculator;
Entry Form for Individual Field Cropping Plan;
Nitrogen Balance Calculator;
Phosphorus Balance Calculator;
Portion of Manure Utilized by Cropping Plan;
NRCS "Nutrient Balance Jobsheet"

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Natural Resources

Waste Management

Publication Date August 23, 2006
Last Revision Date February 14, 2013
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