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Published 2006
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Taking a problem-solving approach is a good way to start thinking about your landscape and what you want it to be. By identifying the constraints of your site and creatively applying basic design principles, you can create a functional landscape that meets your needs, is environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing, and demonstrates your own sense of style.
This guide includes tools to help you achieve the look you want, including:
step by step guide to working through the landscape design process;
explanation of design principles with illustrations showing how to apply them to your yard;
worksheets to help you analyze your yard and identify how you want to use your outdoor spaces;
guidelines for choosing the "right" plants; and
a summary of the types of landscape design assistance available.

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Ann M. VanDerZanden

Steven N. Rodie

Diane Nelson


Lawn & Garden

Publication Date August 04, 2006
Last Revision Date August 04, 2006
Language English


Series Extension Circular