The Nebraska Phosphorus Index (2012)

Published 2012
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Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for crop and aquatic vegetation growth. Phosphorus, either in inorganic form as weith fertilizer or in organic form as with animal manures, often needs to be applied to the land for optimal crop growth. Land application of manure can be beneficial to crop production, but result in increased risk of P loss to surface waters.

By January 1, 2007, operators of large concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in Nebraska will be required to apply a P index to assess the risk of P delivery to surface waters from each field receiving manure.

The Nebraska P Index (2005) is a tool for risk assessment, land management planning, education of factors contributing to P loss, and regulation of P application to agricultural land.

The P Index considers source and transport factors to estimate P loss to surface waters.

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Charles S. Wortmann

Leslie J. Johnson

Renee Hancock


Natural Resources

Waste Management

Publication Date March 07, 2006
Last Revision Date July 23, 2012
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