Drinking Water Treatment

Published 2014

Drinking water treatment by water softening (ion exchange) is one option for the homeowner in treating water problems. Calcium and magnesium ions in water decrease the effectiveness of most cleaning tasks and can cause film and scale buildup in and on plumbing and fixtures. Water softening is an effective method for reducing the calcium and magnesium mineral ions from the water. It can also reduce iron and manganese concentrations. Selection of a water softening unit should be based on water analysis and assessment of the individual homeowner's needs and situation. Regular maintenance of the unit is a critical factor in maintaining effectiveness of the unit. NSF and the WQA test and certify products and this certification can help guide selection.

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Sharon O. Skipton

Bruce I. Dvorak


Natural Resources

Water Management

Publication Date October 01, 2003
Last Revision Date August 27, 2014
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