Drinking Water Treatment

Published 2014

Summary of key factors in selection of water treatment equipment
* Correctly identify the problem to be addressed using appropriate tests.
* Determine whether whole-house (POE) or single-tap (POU) treatment is needed.
* Determine which type of treatment will effectively remove or reduce the problem contaminant(s).
* Select a reputable dealer and obtain second opinions. Check with others who have used the equipment.
* Check if the equipment has been certified or validated for the targeted contaminants by a third-party organization (NSF or WQA).
* Determine whether the system has adequate capacity to meet household water needs at household pressure and flow rates.
* Consider all costs involved, including purchase price, installation, operating costs, maintenance costs, and re-testing costs.
* Understand maintenance requirements and decide if you are capable of performing routine maintenance operations.
* Understand how to determine if the equipment is functioning properly and targeted contaminants are being removed.
* Determine the expected life of the equipment and its components, and understand the warranty.

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Sharon O. Skipton

Bruce I. Dvorak


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