Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Published 2011

This NebGuide is the result of a cooperative effort by the Nebraska Onsite Wastewater Task Force and discusses recommended practices for the operation and management of residential onsite lagoon wastewater treatment systems. It covers monthly maintenance and rarely needed maintenance.
A properly designed, installed, and maintained residential lagoon system should treat wastewater to minimize the impact on groundwater, surface water, and human health. Proper monthly maintenance includes checking and repairing the lagoon structure, managing vegetation in and around the lagoon, monitoring water color, and managing the water level. Less frequent maintenance includes checking the depth of the sludge and repairing any leaks or seeps. Rarely needed maintenance might include removing sludge and abandoning the lagoon.

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Janet R. Hygnstrom

Sharon O. Skipton

Wayne E Woldt


Natural Resources

Waste Management

Publication Date January 02, 2001
Last Revision Date March 28, 2011
Language English


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