Nebraska Dairy Report 1997-1998

Published 1997
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Annual Report of University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dairy Research for 1997-1998. Topics include:
Time of Initiating Dietary Fat Supplementaion on Lactation and Reproduction
A Soyhull:Soy Lecithin Soapstock Mixture for Early Lactation Dairy Cows
Nonenzymatically Browned Soybeans for Dairy Cattle
Feather and Blood Meal Combination for Lactating Dairy Cows
Impact of Nonfiber Carbohydrate Concentration on Forage Fiber Digestion
Sulfite Liquor-Treated Meat and Bone Meal for Dairy Cows
The OTHER Causes of Infectious Diseases
Test Day Genetic Evaluations
Income and Herdlife
Maternal Genetic and Cytoplasmic Effects in Dairy Cattle
Financial and Management Survey of Nebraska Dairy Producers
Free-Stall Design and Maintenance
Horizontal Silos Design
Horizontal Silos Assessment and Management
Dairy Research Herd Annual Report
New NebGuides available for 1996-1997

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Publication Date October 01, 1997
Last Revision Date October 01, 1997
Language English

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