Formulation Considerations for Mineral and Vitamin Supplements for Beef Cows

Published 2022

Minerals and vitamins are essential nutrients with many vital functions, and they are required in small amounts for optimal beef cattle performance. Outright clinical deficiencies rare in beef cow/calf systems; however, subclinical deficiencies that cause impaired performance are much more likely, including reduced calf growth and health or impaired reproductive performance. Therefore, a sound mineral and vitamin program is vital for the success of any cow/calf operation. Those mineral elements that may be deficient in forage-based diets are the macro minerals (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and magnesium) and the trace minerals (copper, zinc, cobalt, manganese, iodine, and selenium). The other micronutrient that might be deficient in some cow/calf systems is vitamin A. The intent of this guide is to provide guidelines for cow/calf producers in Nebraska and surrounding states when developing a mineral and vitamin supplementation program.

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Mary E. Drewnoski


Animal Agriculture


Publication Date February 25, 2022
Last Revision Date February 25, 2022


Series NebGuide