Grow a Beautiful Space

Published 2015
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This leader's guide will help you guide youth as they learn about functional, aesthetic, visual, and environmental characteristics of plants, landscape structures, materials, and amenitites.

The leader's guide includes the content and photos presented in Grow a Beautiful Space Unit II, supplemental instructions for the youth activities, suggested answers to the "Reflect" questions after each activity, and instructions for the "Apply" activities.

The leader's guide provides instructions on helping youth create a portfolio to use in future courses and landscaping careers.

(184 pages)

The Grow a Beautiful Space Series

Grow a Beautiful Space is a three unit landscaping curriculum for youth between the ages of 14-19. Each unit includes an interactive youth manual and a leader's guide. Grow a Beautiful Space Unit I and Unit II also include a separate portfolio for youth to store notes, photographs, and sketches. In Grow a Beautiful Space Unit III, youth will create their own portfolio to store their landscape drawings.

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Plant Science

Publication Date February 13, 2015
Last Revision Date February 13, 2015

PDF (web)

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