Stormwater Management

Published 2013

Disconnection of downspouts and/or impervious surfaces helps ensure that runoff water from roofs, downspouts, driveways, patios, and other impervious surfaces does not have a direct route to a sanitary sewer, storm drain, or water body. Instead, runoff is directed to one or more of the following: a rainwater harvesting system where it is temporarily stored for later use; a specifically designed pervious area where it infiltrates into the soil; or across a vegetated surface where it is filtered prior to reaching a drainage system or water body.

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David P. Shelton

Steven N. Rodie

Kelly A Feehan

Thomas G. Franti

Kathryn A. Pekarek


Natural Resources

Water Management

Publication Date March 12, 2013
Last Revision Date March 12, 2013
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