1995 - 2011 Nebraska Swine Reports

Published 2011
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The annual Nebraska Swine Reports published between 1995 and 2011 are available through the links on this page.


How Long Does Standing Estrus Last After Initial Boar Exposure When Heat Checking?
Elevation of Plasma FSH with a Low Level of FSH-P During the Early to Mid Follicular Phase Blocks the Loss of Greater Numbers of Medium Follicles in Control Line Gilts Compared to Gilts Selected for High Ovulation Rate
Improved Semen Characteristics in Boars Selected for Testis Size
Index Selection for Components of Litter Size
Legal Aspects of Swine Production Networking
Feedlot Nuisance and the Nebraska Right to Farm Act
Estimation of Pork Trim Composition by Electromagnetic Scanning
Effect of Cooking Method on Nutrient Content of Boneless Pork Loin Roasts
Utilization of Twin Screw Cold Extrusion to Manufacture Restructured Chops from Lower-Valued Pork
Pharmacological Levels of Zinc in Nursery Diets - A Review
Environmental Contamination is a Major Contributor to Prevalence of Serpulina Hyodysenteriae Infection of Swine on Farms Medicating Against Swine Dysentery
Reduced Severity of Disease Associated With Feeding a Pharmacologic Amount of Zinc in a Laboratory Mouse Model of Swine Dysentery
Addition of Fat to Diets of Lactating Sows. I. Effects on Sow and Pig Performance
Addition of Fat to Diets of Lactating Sows. II. Effects on Energy Intake, Meal Patterns, and Blood Hormones and Metabolites
Are There Benefits in Adding Fat to Sow Lactation Diets?
Plasma Urea Concentration as an Index of the Protein Requirements of Growing-Finishing Pigs
Nursery and Growing-Finishing Space Interactions

Reproduction and Genetics
Age at Synchrony of First Estrus in Gilts as Influenced by Type and Duration of Daily Boar Exposure
Is Physical Boar Exposure Required for Accurate Detection of Estrus in Gilts?
The Effect of Photoperiod on Sexual Development in Your Boars
Plasma FSH Concentration in Young Boars and Gilts from Lines That Differ in Ovulation Rate and Litter Size
National Swine Improvement Federation Ultrasound Certification Workshops

Records and Marketing
PigCHAMP Summary of 1994 Reproductive Herd Performance
1995 Nebraska Swine Enterprise Records Program Results
Slaughter Hog Price Patterns at Omaha

Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) 18
Pathogenicity of Intestinal Spirochetes Associated with Porcine Colonic Spirochetosis

Bioavailability of Iron in Two Different Sources for Weanling Pigs
New Swine Nutrition Guide Available
The Effects of Dietary Protein Concentration on Performance and Visceral Organ Mass in Finishing Barrows and Gilts
Performance of Growing-finishing Pigs Consuming Diets Formulated on an Ideal Protein (First Four Limiting Amino Acids) Basis
Epinephrine and Energy Mobilization by Lactating Sows
The Effects of Tallow Addition to the Diets of Lactating Sows on Hormone and Metabolite Concentrations

Impact of Cooking Method on Quality of Boneless Pork Loin Roasts
Gelatinized High-added Water Pork Skin Connective Tissue Protein Gels as Potential Water Binders

Facility Management
House Mouse Damage to Insulation
Effect of Floor Space Allocation on Barrow Performance to 300 Pounds


Explanation of the Statistics Used in this Report


Method of Detection, but not Type of Housing, Affects Accuracy and Rapidity of Estrus Detection in Gilts
Boar Libido Affects Pubertal Development of Gilts
Effect of Early Weaning on Sow Reproductive Performance ? A Review

Synergism between Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) and Salmonella choleraesuis

The Effects of Reducing Dietary Crude Protein Concentration on Odor in Swine Facilities
Segregated Early Weaning of Pigs: Dietary Challenges and Opportunities
The Effect of Infusion of Urea into the Jugular Vein on Feed Intake of Finishing Gilts
Growth Performance and Digestive and Metabolic Responses of Finishing Gilts Penned Individually or in Groups
Dietary Fiber in Sow Gestation Diets ? A Review
Addition of Fat to Diets of Lactating Sows: I. Effects on Lactation Performance and Pig Composition
Addition of Fat to Diets of Lactating Sows: II. Effects on Energy Mobilization and Hormone-Sensitive Lipase Activity
Pork Quality
Retention of Selected Nutrients in Grilled Boneless Pork Chops
Pork Quality Assurance .... Dollars and Sense

Facility and Equipment Management
Space Allocation Decisions for Barrows and Gilts
Impact of Feeder and Drinker Designs on Pig Performance, Water Use and Manure Production

Manure Management
Purple Sulfur Bacteria in Anaerobic Treatment Lagoons
Environmental Assurance Program

Explanation of the Statistics Used in this Report


Efficacy of Once (1x) Vs Twice (2x) Daily Physical or Fence-line Contact with Boars for Stimulating Earlier Puberty in Gilts
Follicular Development in Gilts Selected for High Ovulation Rate and Embryo Survival Vs Randomly Selected Control Line Gilts

The Effects of Genetic Line and Diet Regimen on Attainment of Puberty in Gilts
Effects of Gestation Housing System on Productivity of Three Genetic Lines of Sows
Responses to 14 Generations of Selection for Components of Litter Size

Activity of Four Antimicrobial Agents Against Porcine Serpulina Pilosicoli Isolates From the Midwestern United States

Protein Sources for Segregated Early Weaned (SEW) Pigs 20
Dietary Fiber in Sow Gestation Diets - An Economic Analysis
Plasma Urea Can Be Used to Identify the Protein Requirements of Group-penned Finishing (130 to 220 lb) Barrows and Gilts Fed Corn-soybean Diets
Responses of Barrows Consuming a Diet Formulated on an Ideal Protein Basis at Different Feeding Levels
The Effect of Protein Intake on Growth Performance, Plasma Urea Concentration, Liver Weight, and Arginase Activity of Finishing Barrows and Gilts

Pork Quality and Meats
Improvement of Pork Loin Tenderness Using the Hydrodyne Process
Properties and Applications of Pork Trim Obtained from an Advanced Meat Recovery System
Utilization of Raw Pork Skins in Reduced Fat Fresh Pork Sausage

Pen Space Allocations and Pelleting of Swine Diets
Building Loads and Failures
Ventilation Systems - Redundancy is Essential

Manure Management
Nutrient Balance in Nebraska Livestock Confinement Systems
Legal Aspects
The Pig Pro Decision, Networking, and Environmental Protection: The Public Policy Challenge

Explanation of the Statistics Used in This Report


Changes in pH of Boar Semen Extenders
Follicular Selection and Atresia in Gilts for an Index of High Ovulation Rate and High Prenatal Survival

A Population Approach to Diagnosis of Grow-Finish Diarrhea Complex
Survival of Pathogenic Intestinal Spirochetes Kept in Pure Cultures and in Pig Feces Held at Four Different Temperatures

Feasibility of Growing and Feeding High-Oil Corn to Pigs
Bioavailability of Iron in Iron Proteinates
Zinc Oxide, With or Without Carbadox, Stimulates Performance in Nursery Pigs
The Effects of Dietary Feather Meal Concentration on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Barrows

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