Creating a Strong Family

Published 2008

Based on the American Family Strengths Inventory -- a research and teaching tool for generating discussion on the qualities that make a family strong. The qualities of strong families in America can be broken down into six general categories:
1) Enjoyable Time Together
2) Appreciation and Affection for Each Other
3) Communicating Effectively with Each Other
4) Valuing Each Other and Demonstrating Commitment
5) Spiritual Well-Being
6) Managing Stress and Crisis Effectively

A checklist is provided to help identify the qualities of your family and to be used as a discussion starter.
Using the checklist, indicate "S" for Strength beside the qualities you feel your family has achieved and a "G" beside those qualities that are an area of potential Growth.

Family members doing this exercise will be able to identify those areas they would like to work on together to improve and those areas of strength that will serve as the foundation for their growth and positive change together. This American Family Strengths Inventory has been validated through research with more than 21,000 family members in the United States and 26 other countries around the world. These studies of family strengths have been conducted since 1974 by Nick Stinnett, John DeFrain and their many colleagues.

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John D. DeFrain

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Publication Date February 04, 2002
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