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Published 2010
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Jams, jellies and preserves are foods with many textures, flavors and colors. For an acceptable jam or jelly, the proper proportions of acid (in the form of fruit), pectin, and sugar are necessary. The fruit gives each spread its unique flavor and color. It also supplies the liquid to dissolve the rest of the necessary ingredients and furnishes some or all of the pectin and acid. High quality, flavorful fruits make the best jellied products. The proper level of acidity is critical to gel formation. If there is too little acid, the gel will never set; if there is too much acid, the gel will lose liquid.
This publication covers:
* the differences between various jellied products;
* the role of various ingredients in the final product;
* table of pectin-acid content in various fruits;
* regular and modified pectin products;
* gelatin products;
* methods of making jams and jellies;
* recommended processing methods;
* making jelly and jam without added pectin;
* reduced sugar fruit spreads;
* freezer jams and jellies;
* and recipes for many products.

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Julie A. Albrecht


Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

Publication Date July 04, 1994
Last Revision Date August 02, 2010
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