Guardianship/Conservatorship Financial Responsibilities

Published 2011

Guardianship includes some financial responsibilities (which are conservatorship responsibilities) on behalf of the Ward. In cases in which the Ward has a large estate or trust, the court may appoint a conservator to oversee and have sole responsibility for these funds.

However, in many cases the everday oversight of the Ward's funds will be the Guardian's responsibility. The Guardian is not mandated or expected to use his or her own funds for the Ward but the Guardian is mandated to use some of the Ward's funds for the Ward's support. State law assigns some specific financial responsibilities to the Guardian. There also are some best practices that a Guardian should use to ensure that the Ward's monies are being appropriately handled.

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Eileen M Krumbach

John D. DeFrain

Bruce Cudly

Dina Rathje

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Publication Date December 01, 2005
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