Guardianship Responsibilities to the Ward

Published 2011

Guardianship is a court-appointed relationship granting the Guardian certain powers and duties. Guardians have many and ongoing responsibilities both to the Ward and to the court.

An effective Guardian must know his or her Ward's desires and preferences to effectively advocate for the Ward. Regular contact with the Ward and others involved is needed.

A Guardian must advocate for the Ward by ensuring the Ward's personal and financial interests are protected. The Guardian must be respectful of the Ward and include the Ward in decision making when possible.

Information regarding the Ward is confidential. The Guardian is responsible for authorizing any release of information that could be considered protected.

The Guardian supports the Ward in exercising personal preference. The Guardian must maintain relationships with professionals and service providers. The need for a Guardian should be reassessed regularly.

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Eileen M Krumbach

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Publication Date November 01, 2005
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